Istanbul: Apr 6-7, 2013 Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute Training Course (Level A Certification) Event has been organized.

Istanbul: Apr 6-7, 2013
Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute Training Course (Level A Certification)
Event has been organized. 

These event has been organized with cooperation of Turkish Association for Psychopharmacology (TAP) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute (IPT Institute). With only limited attendance and instructed by Dr. Scott Stuart and Dr.Oguz Omay event held in İstanbul for a total of 30 privileged participants. This two day course, qualified successful participants for Level A Basic Training in Interpersonal Therapy Certificate, approved by IPT. 

The course has been held as a two-day event on April 6 &7 in Istanbul. Interpersonal Psychotherapy course trained experienced mental health professionals, starting with the introduction of the model of IPT on patients of depression and other disorders and training has continued on transferring the knowledge of how to implement this approach. General principles of IPT have been covered with didactic style, and small group activities. 

What is Interpersonal Psychotherapy? 

IPT is an empirically validated treatment for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders. The evidence for IPT supports its use for a variety of affective disorders, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders, and for a wide range of patients from children and adolescents to the elderly. Over the years, since its development started in 1970's at Yale University, its been proven for a variety of affective disorders with different populations of patients. Various studies of IPT include depressed adolescents, the elderly, perinatal women , dysthymia and HIV+ patients. It has been demonstrated that IPT is an effective maintenance treatment for depression too. IPT has also been utilized with patients with eating disorders, and social phobia, as well as for those with bipolar disorder. It has been tested in many different cultural settings, and in brief form in community settings, and with couples and in groups. IPT is recognized as an efficacious psychotherapy by the American Psychiatric Association, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the UK, and the International Cochrane Collaboration.Burayı IPT enst. Web sitesinde Dr. Omay'ın bilgilerinden referans alarak çevirdim hata yapmamak için) 

Course Topics
• IPT Structure
• Biopsychosocial Model
• Interpersonal Inventory
• Interpersonal Problem Areas
• Interpersonal Formulation
• Non-Transferential Focus of Interventions
• Present Focus
• Collaboration & Goal Consensus
• Positive Regard for the Patient

Course Instructors: 

Scott Stuart

Dr. Stuart is the Director of the IPT Institute and President of the International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy. 

He is a Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Iowa, USA. Dr. Stuart has been conducting training in IPT as well as doing research and clinical work in IPT for over 20 years. 

Oğuz Omay

Dr. Omay is a certified therapist, supervisor and educator in the IPT Institute. He has specific expertise in perinatal uses of IPT. He is working at La Teppe Medical Center in France.